Kit Carson County

The Kit Carson County Emergency Management office is part of a national effort to help citizens prepare for and respond to natural and human caused emergencies and disasters.

Cities and Counties in all parts of Colorado, with the assistance of the federal and state government, have developed and are continuing to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness programs to reduce loss of life and protect property disasters. Many lives are being saved by these programs. People are being warned of impending emergencies/disasters, evacuated from danger areas, treated for injury, and helped to resume their normal lies after disaster strikes.

You can give yourself and your family a much better chance of surviving and recovering from major disasters if you will take the time to review the information on the Northeast Colorado Emergency Manager's Group Website This website discusses preparation and emergency actions that will help people cope with major natural disasters.

For more information contact:

Office of Emergency Management
Della Calhoon
P.O. Box 160
Burlington, CO 80807
Telephone (719) 343-0911
Monthly Newsletters:

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