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The Kit Carson County Emergency Management office is part of a national effort to help citizens prepare for and respond to natural and human caused emergencies and disasters.

Cities and Counties in all parts of Colorado, with the assistance of the federal and state government, have developed and are continuing to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness programs to reduce loss of life and protect property disasters. Many lives are being saved by these programs. People are being warned of impending emergencies/disasters, evacuated from danger areas, treated for injury, and helped to resume their normal lies after disaster strikes.


You can give yourself and your family a much better chance of surviving and recovering from major disasters if you will take the time to review the information on the Northeast Colorado Emergency Manager's Group Website This website discusses preparation and emergency actions that will help people cope with major natural disasters.

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Testing of Tornado sirens


As tornado season comes in a few short months there has been discussion with Sheriff Tom Ridnour, Dispatcher Shawn Franz and Emergency Manager Della Calhoon for the need of testing the sirens on a monthly basis.  By allowing the testing of the sirens we would be aware when a siren is not working.

Sheriff Tom Ridnour, and Della Calhoon, Kit Carson County Emergency Manager have met with each of the Town Councils and reviewed this request and received approval for testing on a monthly basis. Testing will begin Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 10:00 A.M.  This would continue on the second Tuesday of each month through the Month of October, 2017.

The test for March will be a three (3) minute TAKE COVER, followed by a one (1) solid ALL CLEAR.
The months April through October will only be the one (1) minute solid ALL CLEAR tone.

This way we are kept abreast for those sirens that need repaired. 
Sirens are scheduled to be sounded at the following times and places:
10:00 a.m. – Burlington
10:05 a.m. – Bethune
10:10 a.m. – Stratton
10:15 a.m. – Vona
10:20 a.m. – Seibert
10:25 a.m. – Flagler
10:30 a.m. – Countywide test of the “CodeRed” system.

Remember Kit Carson County does have the ability to use the “CodeRed” reverse 911 system.
It is a recorded message put together by the communications department and law enforcement agencies.
It could be used in the event of a tornado or any other serious happenings.
Please listen to the recording and follow the directions it gives.
The system does have the ability to call the whole county with just one phone call.
When you answer it takes a little bit for it to start, those answering the phone need to say hello, then listen.
It is voice activated, so if you continue hello, hello, hello, it will not start.
Please don’t hang up until the message has finished.
Also if you have a telezapper on your phone that blocks telemarketers it will not call you.
If you do not get the CodeRed alert after the county-wide test please go to  and click on CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment and sign up all your phones to receive CodeRed alerts.
It will ask you to create an account so you are able to register your phones and address.
The reason for the address is the system calls phone numbers based on address as the communications center is able to do specific areas within the county.

Should there be a real event here are the tones for each of the towns within Kit Carson County:
Burlington Siren will be up and down for three minutes, all clear will be solid for 1 minute.
Bethune is a solid for three minute.  All clear is a solid for one minute.
Stratton the tornado siren is a solid 3 minute tone. All clear is a solid for one minute.
Vona is up and down for tornado for three minutes. All clear is a solid for one minute.
Seibert is a solid tone 3 minute tone. All clear is a solid for one minute.
Flagler is a solid tone 3 minute tone. All clear is a solid for one minute.

Should you have questions please contact the Emergency Manager at 719-343-0911.

Submitted by Della Calhoon, Emergency Manager 02/21/2017


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