Kit Carson County

Planning Committee Meetings

The Kit Carson County Planning Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month. Scheduled meeting dates may change if circumstances arise. These meetings are held at the Stratton Community Center, 125 Colorado Avenue, Stratton, CO 80863. View meeting dates on our online calendar.

Environmental Health, Building and ISDS Permits

Requests for ISDS permits and building permits are handled by Kelly Alvarez in our Environmental Health Department. She can be reached at 719-346-7158 ext 118.
Click on the links below to download copies of some of our more common forms:

KCC - Cluster Development Permit Application

KCC - Conditional Use (wind energy) Application

KCC - Division of Land Permit Application

KCC - Land Use Change Application

Easements Through County Properties

Request for easements across County Roads and/or through County property must be approved in advance by the Board of County Commissioners at a regularly scheduled meeting. These requests must be accompanied by a completed easement package which must include a detailed map and diagram showing the easement path and affected areas. You can download a copy of the Easement form and instructions here.
Please be aware that there is a special easement form for Wind Farms and Pipelines that is available on request. These completed forms should be returned with the necessary maps to 251 16th Street, Suite 101, Burlington, CO 80807 prior to your scheduled meeting. Please call Paula at 719-346-8139 ext. 304 to coordinate your filing with the Commissioners' schedules. You do not need to be in attendance to present this information to the Board. Once the Board has approved the request, the easement is filed with the County Clerk at no cost.

 Flood Plain Maps

There are no flood plain maps for Kit Carson County. Please contact us at 719-346-8139 ext. 304 if you need us to fax you a copy of a letter stating this fact. You may also download a copy of this letter clicking here Kit Carson County Flood Plain Letter

 Wind and Snow Load Data

Likewise, there is no wind or snowload data for Kit Carson County available at the County offices. We suggest contacting your insurance agent to get their requirements for buildings in this area.
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