3rd Party CDL Drivers Testing information
Stanley Weeks, Licensed Tester
719-346-8133 ext 304
Cell 719-349-8133

Testing Location: 112 Webster Ave, Burlington, CO

All tests must be scheduled 72 hours in advance,

Items to bring for the test: Fee, truck with empty trailer, License/Permit, Medical card, Proof of insurance, and vehicle registrations for truck and trailer. Please arrive 15 minutes early

      Kit Carson County

Kit Carson County operates three sites for county road and bridge maintenance. These sites are located to better serve the three Road and Bridge Districts. Please note the Road and Bridge Districts are not divided the same way as the County Voting districts. It is possible you live in one Voting district and are served by a different Road and Bridge District.

Please contact your Road and Bridge district office first for concerns about service needs. If you find your needs are not met in a timely manner, please direct calls to our Road and Bridge Manager for follow-up.

  • County Shop District #1
    815 15th Street
    Burlington CO 80807
    (719) 346-8146
  • County Shop District #2
    324 Nebraska Avenue
    Stratton, CO 80836
    (719) 348-5282
  • County Shop District #3
    920 Ouray Avenue
    Flagler, CO 80815
    (719) 765-4665

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